Some formula./ valencies: Aluminum Al3+, Bromide Br-, Calcium Ca2+, Carbon C, Carbon dioxide CO2, Carbon monoxide CO, Chloride Cl-, Chlorine gas Cl2, Copper(II) Cu2+, Hydrochloric acid HCl, Hydrogen gas H2, Hydrogen sulfide gas H2S, Hydroxide OH-, Iron(II) Fe2+, Potassium K+, Sodium Na+, Sulfuric acid H2SO4, Sulfide S2-


Write a balanced chemical equation for each of the following reactions in a word processor.


  1. Potassium hydroxide can be used to neutralise a solution of hydrochloric acid.
  2. Sodium hydroxide can be used to neutralise a solution of sulfuric acid.
  3. Chlorine gas and potassium bromide react to produce potassium chloride and bromine gas.
  4. Aluminium and bromine combine violently to produce a compound.
  5. Sodium reacts violently with the water to produce sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.
  6. Iron(III) oxide when heated in hydrogen gas produces iron and what?
  7. Limewater (calcium hydroxide) reacts with carbon dioxide to form water and a precipitate of calcium carbonate.
  8. Limestone (calcium carbonate) when strongly heated forms carbon dioxide and quicklime (calcium oxide)
  9. Copper(II) oxide and carbon when heated together yield the metal copper and carbon monoxide gas.
  10. Hydrochloric acid and sodium sulfide yield the hydrogen sulfide gas and a salt.


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